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My bees died. Can i harvest the wax/honey?

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My bees died. Can i harvest the wax/honey?

First year keeper here, didn’t have good luck with my bees. Wondering if i can still harvest the wax and honey from the frames, and how do i do this without an extractor??? what’s the easiest, simplest, cheapest way to go about this? i am looking more to harvest the wax to make candles, but would like to get some honey- i know theres a few jars in there. I have plastic frames that the bees have built on. How do you get the wax and honey off, separate it, and clean the frames for use again?

Also i don’t know how my bees died, we had some queen troubles and only seemed to get steady in August/September and then beginning of December they rapidly declined. Couple days and they were all gone.

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