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My bees did not like me yesterday

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My bees did not like me yesterday

New keeper here in North Carolina. I started with 2 overwintered colonies at the beginning of spring. I've walked up close to watch them with no gear daily and they don't even bump me. My buddy helped me with the first couple hive inspections, no gear and only took 1 or 2 stings when we started scraping frames and even told me he was about to get stung. I just did a split by moving the old queen. We found supercedure cells and decided to let the original colony make a new queen. I was about to do the 1st inspection after splitting and as I approached they immediately attacked me. I was still a good 10 ft away. Stung my legs and face. The ones going for my face must have been flying stinger forward. I had no time to react and ran.

I did notice hundreds of bees just hovering in front of the hives facing them, did not look like orientation flights to me? I also have seen drones coming and going. Not sure if that matters. We are in peak flow. Weather was perfect. Anyone have thoughts on this? Were they just having a bad day?

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