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My bees clustered on my head today

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My bees clustered on my head today

I wish a took a picture, but I was busy preventing bees from drowning in syrup.

It was an unusually warm day in New Brunswick today (17C). So I was going to check my fondant in my top feeders for the first time this winter. My bees did not get the memo that today was warm so they all stayed inside instead of doing a cleansing flight.

It should have been easy, open cover, check food, add sugar if needed. Nope!

Condensation mixed with the fondant and created a syrup that was a huge drowning hazard. So I started cleaning this up with a spoon and bucket. Meanwhile my bees just realized it is a gorgeous day, they started boiling out of the hive in joy. Flying, pooping on me then clustering on my head. A good sized cluster! No aggression…they just sat on my head buzzing and pooping while I fished the living from syrup.

I almost did not suit up, so glad I did! My husband had to scoop them off of me, and my face and bee suit was completely covered in bee poop. They unloaded 2 months of poop on me.

If you ever question whether or not to wear your bee gear in the winter…I would recommend it. I think I would have had a panic attack if they clustered on me without my suit.

I have no idea what made them cluster on my head…I use non scented detergent, washed the suit after I last used it.

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