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My bees aren’t making honey in the top box (Honey super)

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My bees aren’t making honey in the top box (Honey super)

Hello all

i have recently gotten into beekeeping in about October and I started with only the bottom box which they have filled up 100%. In the bottom box there is only 1 frame of honey and the rest is brood. The weather here has been fantastic so I wonder that the bees don’t need to fill up the honey super because pollen is so easy to find.

I have only the common European Bee and I live in Northern NSW IN Australia

I did have those wax sheets that put in the frames in the top box. I suspect they didn’t like it because they were all folded over. So I took them out and I’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. But basically the honey super is empty and it’s been on for over a month

any tips would be greatly appreciated

am I doing anything wrong?

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