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Moving bees inside wall to an observation hive inside house

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Moving bees inside wall to an observation hive inside house

I've had a hive inside a brick wall on the second story of my house for a number of years. I've noticed the bees lining up to drink at the aquaponic water garden setup in the backyard during some of our hot very dry summers here in Texas. They occasionally get inside the house and I get stung rolling over them in bed but it doesn't bother me. I do keep an eye on things to make sure they don't become Africanized and turn aggressive but otherwise just let them bee.

I'm currently doing a bit of remodeling and putting a new roof on the old homestead and would like to setup a proper hive inside the house. This would be located very near the same spot where they enter the wall from the outside. I've got a scaffold built for accessing the roof and came to the forum because I recently noticed some kind of 'hive drama' going down. I now understand this may be the drones getting extirpated from the nest. These individuals are slightly larger than the workers and are dead or dying while being carried out of the hive by one or two other bees. Business as usual. Cool.

So now I'd like to up my husbandry game a bit and learn more. I got the catalog for all the neat beekeeper stuff. I'll probably construct my own hive box once I understand the requirements a little better. I've also started feeding them a little unsulfurated molasses but maybe sugar water is better. I could pull some sheet rock off the wall from inside the house and do some kind of fall hive inspection. I might also discover how extensive the nest is. It doesn't seem like a very large hive judging from the number of bees coming and going on the outside. They did swarm at least twice this year. This room can be isolated and remain unused indefinitely. Am I nuts? Should I attempt any of this without some kind of protection?

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