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Moving a new hive to a different box.

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Moving a new hive to a different box.


In April I will be receiving 2 new complete single story hives. They are base white. I already have boxes and frames to add to these hives. But, as to help keep them separate and because it makes me happy, I was planning on having each hive painted in a different theme. I was planning on using Milk Paint as it is a 0 VOC paint.

After the new hives have time to settle on my property will there be any problem with me moving all the frames from the box they came in, to one of my painted boxes? So long as I put the frames back in at the same place and orientation I took them from? And the new box is where the old box was at?

My plan was to do it at night and shake all bees that did not move with the frame into the new box, then take the old box inside the house.

Any reason this sounds like a bad idea?

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