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Moving a hive ~40 ft in winter?

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Moving a hive ~40 ft in winter?

Hey y’all. I’m very new to beekeeping and have a question.

Context: I have two hives in the apiary. Earlier in the year a swarm occurred and built an exposed hive in a tree about 40 ft away. We were able to bring the hive down and safely install them into a new hive at the base of the tree. Ultimately, I would like to bring this new hive into the apiary with the others, as it’s right on the property line next to the neighbors. But I know the 2ft/2mile rule… So my question…

It is currently winter in upstate New York. We’re not expected to be above 40 degrees annnnytime soon. The bees are in there doing their thing. Not gonna come out anytime soon. If I closed them up and moved them now, while they’re stuck inside for the winter, could it effectively bypass the 2ft/2mile rule? Or do you think they would still come out in the spring and get lost?

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