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Most humane/ethical beekeeping options?

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Most humane/ethical beekeeping options?

Hello all! To preface I am not a keeper at the moment, but I’ve been heavily interested in it for a while now. Of course i am not going to start beekeeping until I’m financially and personally stable, so it may be a year or more. But I wanted to go ahead and start researching in the mean time. My biggest concern is that I don’t hurt the bees through honey extraction. I’m flexitarian (mostly vegetarian diet but with some meat occasionally) but have been looking into vegan ideas, and saw where honey can be a hot topic. While I absolutely respect anyone not wanting honey, in my personal opinion I have no issue taking honey for myself (and I stick with local honey from my farmers markets). The thing I DO get uncomfortable about is potentially crushing bees during extraction. Even if it’s only a few, that’s still something I want to avoid if possible. I’m not sure if there’s specific methods or techniques to use that would help?

If needed info since I’m a beginner, I’m located in southern Appalachia

Thank you all!

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