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More bees near major honey factory?

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More bees near major honey factory?

Hi all! I'm not a beekeeper but I've got a burning question. I have a friend who lives in Wallingford, UK near the Rowse "factory" where they "make all the honey". For those outside the UK, Rowse is probably the biggest honey brand in the UK, not only selling a lot of their honey in supermarkets but also supply Kellogg's with honey for their cereals.

My question is this: does that mean the town of Wallingford has way more bees than anywhere else in the country? Or will the bees kind of stay in the factory and they feed them pollen directly; the battery chickens of the apiary world? Or does honey just get bottled at the "Rowse factory", and the bees that make it are all around the country like how milk is sold from large dairies that buy milk from the dairy farmers?

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