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Monthly bee helping service?

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Monthly bee helping service?

Recently I realized how terrible the current state of the global bee population is. Then looking for an answer I found out that not much can be done without huge investments.

Then I realized. Perhaps it would take billions to fully reverse the situation.

But we don't have to reverse it fully to have a true impact. Well-placed money could do a difference even when if a much smaller quantity was to be used.

I am a physicist working in statistics and AI. I am capable of developing algorithms that would find the exact focal points, the places money should be put into, to make the impact as big as possible.

I, as a single person, don't have a big enough capital, therefore I decided to come here. I could do my analysis every month and move the money to the right places. How many of you would actually subscribe to such a service? I don't know what would be the right monthly number, but let's assume $5 per person per month.

[Edit] I see now that there is little I could do to make a bigger than local impact. There are however a few propositions I cannot ignore and I thank you all very much for them! I will try to implement them into reality, perhaps I could make a difference 🙂

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