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Modified Apimye entrance – No hive beetles so far

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Modified Apimye entrance – No hive beetles so far

Wanted to try something so put one of the hive beetle (Guardian) entrance my hives (slight modification required). Last year used on standard wooden hives did not seem as effective.However, so far this year NO hive beetles in the hive at all, which is very different that other hives in past years.

My assumption so far is that the key is Apimye hives are very tight locked down, so with the entrance put on no beetles can get into start the cycle.

I will update as the season goes, if folks are interested, and will be looking to see how I can (tighten) standard hive to allow ventilation without opening enough for beetles. Might also look at trying the Apimye cover and bottom board for standard hives to see if that works.


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