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Maybe a stupid question

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Maybe a stupid question

Ok I'm taking the leap and I'm gonna start keeping bees. I'm super excited and making all the plans and learning all that I can before spring.

I'm looking around my property for the best location to put the hive(s) and I think I found it. It's flat, drains well when it rains, has direct sun in the morning and dappled sun for the majority of the day after that, and has a decent wind break. It's also less than 100 ft from my garden.

This location is directly under some walnut trees though, and I'm not so sure if it's actually a good spot. Would the occasional bang of a dropping walnut over stress the bees (mostly in the fall) or am I over thinking? Idk, now that I've typed out the question it sounds kinda stupid and common sense would dictate that you don't want anything "falling" on the hives at all. But bees deal with all kinds of things in the wild and do just fine…

Can someone help put my mind at ease please?

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