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may have to kill my hive?

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may have to kill my hive?

I am in Ontario (Canada) and I have one 3 boxes full of deep frame

I may have to destroy the hive to get honey this year (its my first year) Hopefully i dont get flak its just an idea.

The issue is I am on permenant disability for schizoaffective disorder and I get a tiny bit of money for starting up my own company, like enough to just get this hive and equipment this year. The way self-employment works on disability here is that they calculat my yearly income and divide it by twelve to find out my monthly income. Monthly income cant go past a certain amount or it gets taken back. I get a bonus 100 or 200 dollars for every month i make money.

This way I can sell some honey this year + get additional disability money + put extra disability money and sales money to next year nukes and hopefully be able to keep them through out the winter next year.

I understand if I get flax for this as I love bees and everything I learn about them they are smarter and smarter than i know, this is just the only financialy feasable thing I can think of to hopefully get a leg up and get more bees next year then perhaps one day having enough bees to get off disability.

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