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Masters of the Smoke, please teach me your ways!

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Masters of the Smoke, please teach me your ways!

About 10 months I’ve been doing this and yet to get my smoker right. I’ve watched 943 YouTube videos (slight exaggeration, probably only 387).

I was inspired by this video the other day by u/chop655 and determined to achieve the same today. I did! It was amazing – fluffy, cool white smoke – for about 15 minutes. Then it goes nasty hot and grey and certainly doesn’t last the time it takes to do full hive inspections on my two hives.

What am I doing wrong? I’m packing and puffing gently, using pine needles. I’ve also tried sugar cane mulch with the same poor result. I genuinely can’t tell what is happening because I think I’m following the various videos perfectly. When I look inside, all the material is charred so that tells me I’ve got flame. But I’m packing down until the whole canister is full.

I’m yet to “sedate” my bees the way I see these other people safely beekeep half naked on Reddit whereas I look like the Michelin Man with all my gear.

It’s really zapping my initial confidence and making my girls mad. And I really want to be great at this. I have beautiful hives and bees whom I love.

I’d really appreciate whatever guidance or tricks you can share. Thank you in advance.

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