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Made a rookie mistake and need help.

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Made a rookie mistake and need help.

So I got my first hive in April. They were week for awhile but they are strong now. We haven't spotted the queen in a few weeks but we have seen eggs so we think we just missed her. Well we go into the hive this week after missing one inspection in between (about a two week period of no inspection). The bees have drawn out about 6 or 7 full frames and most of the top brood box with honey (2nd of 2 10 frame broodboxes). Thwy were definitely overcrowded and we saw no eggs but some larvae and lots of capped brood. We also saw 2 or 3 queen cells. I think they are supercedure cells, could I be correct? Were they thinking of swarming even though its august and full summer? We added a honey super and my main question is, will the bees move the honey for the 2nd brood box to the super? If not what are my options since there is an excluder to stop the queen at the super? I am afraid they will not have enough room to lay eggs. Thanks in advance!

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