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Looking for digital bee(gee)keepers

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Looking for digital bee(gee)keepers

Hi guys,

I have made a collaborative app for beekeepers and beelovers which allows sharing of informations regarding the threats (asian hornets, nests) and the good news (swarm, blooming periods…) for beekeeping. You can picture it as a some kind of Waze for beekeeping where radars would be Asian hornets nests and cops honey plants 😅. The app is currently designed for Western Europe and France with specific plants, insects and external data sources.

I'd like to share the app with other bee lovers by I need some help regarding local flora and fauna which are useful for beekeepers and also to adapt the app for the North American area (and also for other region if have the data and the translations 😉 ).

I some of you have spare time to get your hand on the app data or to share pointers toward useful data sources that I could use, it would be of great help.

Thanks in advance !

Blooming report

Report description

Report map

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