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Looking for a way to keep honey bees away

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Looking for a way to keep honey bees away

Hi! I care for chimpanzees and we use honey as enrichment sometimes. We do not really have issues with the bees coming to the enrichment when it is distributed, but they gather to reclaim honey when we bring it all back to one place to clean it. They don't really bother the people, although they do make me nervous that I could accidentally squish one and be swarmed or something because we are talking hundreds of them gathering, flying and resting all over the shed. We also use a chemical to clean the enrichment that kills them if they come in contact or fall in the tub. I would also assume any contaminated honey they gather is not good for the hive. As far as I know these are feral bees (I think that is the correct word) as they are generally remarkably docile but there are no manmade hives nearby.

I was wondering if there is some sort of spray we could use to repel them or make the honey less attractive without hurting the bees. It would have to be safe for the chimps as well, so no large amounts of smoke. I was wondering about citronella candles. We also have peppermint oil available. I also have a large barnstormer fan I could probably hook up, if that would maybe make them give up, but then I worry they would get blown into humans or chimps and sting.

I thought this would be a good place to ask because I would assume bees gather when you process honey. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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