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Lone Bee care help (Pacific Northwest – U.S.)

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Lone Bee care help (Pacific Northwest – U.S.)

Seattle had some warm, sunny days a week ago and I think during this time a lone bee found its way into my house. A couple nights ago I noticed it, caught it in a yogurt container, and then realized it would freeze if I put it outside.

So…the internet told me to provide it an organic honey/water mixture (done) and put it in a container with some soil and flowers (done – in an aquarium sized space with a couple flowering indoor plants – pic).

After moving it to the new space it seemed to burrow down in the soil and I figured I had created a bee hospice. But just this afternoon – it came out a few times to buzz around!

The weather outside is warming slightly: this week's forecast is a high of mid-40 F degrees, low of high-30s and rain. Is this warm enough to send it on it's way outside? The weather looks like it will get warmer and drier in about a week but I don't know if my striped friend will last that long. Any help is appreciated – thanks.

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