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Local Beekeeper offering nucs with 2021 queens…. stay away?

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Local Beekeeper offering nucs with 2021 queens…. stay away?

Here in Ohio I am assuming that a keeper offering nucs with a 2021 queen for a May 1st pickup must be outsourcing those queens from a warmer climate, is that correct? Either that or breeding very early in the season, which I understand could be negative due to the lack of a good number of drones available. I have only dealt with overwintered queens in my area and have had good success. I was thinking to try a new place for a few nucs this season but hes upcharging $20 a nuc for overwintered queens. My usual guy is much further away, but charging a lower price for nucs with overwintered queens. Is there any reason to stay away from the nucs with the 2021 queen? I have this idea in my head that the overwintered nucs are bees that have spent the whole winter together as a cluster, where the 2021 queen nuc is just a hive that has been split to hell with the 2021 queen introduced before pickup. Please let me know if I have that wrong and if there is any reason to avoid one over the other.

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