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Little help in SC

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Little help in SC

I’m not sure if I’m in a honey flow yet because my carnies still eat from the in hive syrup, I don’t think they really are (this hive is in the Florence SC area) but my other two hives are 30 min closer in a place in i95 called Dillon (it’s where South of the Border is), point being is, these bees one hive (Italians) filled up a large brood box, and a large honey sized brood box (queen exluder in place and they don’t really eat from their in hive feeder, but I can’t remember for the life of me if I have put honey b good or whatever it is called in the syrup) so my question is. I’m about maybe even under a week the top large honey super is gonna be 100% full. What should I do? Add a small super or does anyone have any ideas? My last hive is 10 feet from the other hive and i requeened it with with a beeweaver queen. When their brood box was about 80-85% full, I went ahead and added Mann lake max wax frames, and that was about maybe almost two months now, and I checked today and nothing. No feeder eating, or anything. Here are some pics of the Italians, I was heavily distracted taking pics during the carni pics! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, this is my first year and I already feel like I’ve done really well, but there is always room for improvement and of course I LOVE learning any tricks yall can give me. For example it was about 100 Fahrenheit today. Thanks so much, pic in the next post! Unc!

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