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Like bees and a good book? Want to solve varroa? Look no further

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Like bees and a good book? Want to solve varroa? Look no further

It kind of started with a post of mine with 7,000 upvotes, by far the most I'd ever gotten, regarding hive drift (here https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/4odwzk/do_bees_socialize_with_bees_from_other_hives/d4bt17p/?context=3). That thread turned into a huge AMA. A lot of fun!

But even though I enjoy writing about bees, I can't compete with Kim Flottum, Lorenzo Langstroth, and the rest on the non-fiction side.

So I decided to write a novel about bees and beekeepers, violence and fear, love and community. If you need a beach read this summer, this one is for you.

HERE, THE BEES STING, by Will Caverly https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XJ92D43

State bee inspector Billy Sincobine is headed north. His job: investigate the murderous honeybees of a remote mountain town. Two men lay dead, pumped full of venom. Beekeepers cower behind their veils. Distrust swarms in a hamlet torn apart by small town politics and greed.

Meanwhile, a queen bee starts to fear for her safety. A malignant phantom stalks the dark stretches of her honeycomb nation, feasting on the helpless young. Panic infests the ranks of the Workers' Party. Condemnation descends upon royalty.

High summer simmers in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Romance and power struggles sunder hives and households. Blood and honey will be spilled before autumn arrives.

Thanks to the mods for letting me self post! The mods are Gods!

Appreciate anyone who reads it, this is just a side project I did when the bees were asleep for the winter.

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