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Lighting the damn smoker

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Lighting the damn smoker

Today I added an extra super and was confronted by angry bees almost immediately. I used smoke but not enough. I did not smoke under the lid at all and did not smoke between boxes prior to lifting off. Just lifted straight off and pissed off the bees. When I do smoke properly like the old bloke showed me this never happened. Trouble is it takes me ages to get the smoker right. I mean bellowing plenty of cool white smoke for long periods of time. Ironically by the time I got the super on and got the hell out of there with about 50 bees trying to kamikaze into my veil, the smoker was casually bellowing nice white smoke whereas only small amount of warm grey smoke when I was trying to do the job. The smoker is the basics of bee keeping and I haven’t managed to nail it even after watching numerous videos. I am using paper/cardboard and dry straw packed in over the top once some hot ashes have formed. I wont have any pine needles until I can get out to the forest. Any advice/tips?

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