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Leafcutter Bees

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Leafcutter Bees

I recently learned about leafcutter bees and I think I might want to buy some online and have them live in my yard.

What should I know about them? When's the best time to order? When's the best time to put the hive out? Do they hibernate or die out each year? Do they help the environment a lot? Do they pollinate well? Where's the best place to get them online? Where online should I avoid purchasing from? I saw houses for them online, but are the ones on the websites any good? (I put out a mason bee house 3 years in a row and no bees ever lived in it. The hanger on it broke, so I had to throw it out! Given that bees had nothing to do with the house, I had to wonder if bees dislike factory-made houses?)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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