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laying worker resolved! achievement badge attained

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laying worker resolved! achievement badge attained

Installed 2 packages this spring. One thrived the other devolved into a laying worker situation. I bought a queen right before drone brood appeared and thought I wasted that money on that queen. But they didn't kill her. Once I understood the two pheromone systems of brood and queen must be present for queen right situation, I finally got things turned around. I took out the frames full of (laying worker) drone brood, shook off the bees into a bin, and placed the drone brood frames in the freezer. Took two frames of good brood, eggs, and larvae plus bees from the robust hive into the poor hive. After a couple weeks, I definitely still have a queen and nice new eggs, and worker brood in this hive. They are definitely behind on the season, but they'll be fine. Very happy I was able to turn this around! Was feeling pretty pessimistic when I first realized I had a laying worker problem.

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