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Laying worker, but queen on the way. Help please.

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Laying worker, but queen on the way. Help please.

Hello all, I have a hive that was queenless. Last inspection was about 2w ago. No eggs, small amount of capped brood and a couple drone cells. Saw one capped queen cell. Looked like an emergency queen cell to me. Opened the hive and pulled one frame out to see what we had and I see drone cells spread out and scattered. I’m sure I have a laying worker. Here is my question. In theory, the queen cell should have hatched and she would likely be on a mating flight and again in theory, laying end of this week. So what would the experts here do? Leave them to figure it out? Should I add a frame of brood every week for the next couple? I’d prefer not to combine with a queen right hive, but maybe I have to. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks in advance.

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