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Layen’s wintering time – pulled frames this weekend

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Layen’s wintering time – pulled frames this weekend

Hello all! I am squarely in my first year of beekeeping and I have a question. I'm following Fedor Lazutin's 'Keeping Bees with a Smile' process, and I just shrunk the hive down to 6 deep frames in anticipation for winter. I am located in Middle Tennessee and we had a warm weekend, so I decided it was a good time to open 'er up.

I pulled out 6 frames, and left 6 frames in the hive. After pulling the frames, I put them in the freezer to kill any insects (not bees) that may have been in there. So now, I've got 6 frames in varying weights sitting in my freezer (they've been in there for ~48 hours).

Now the question. These frames are heavy, but only the top 1/4 of the frames are capped honey. The comb under the capped section has liquid (uncured honey?) in it and the comb is dark.

I was planning to take these frames out of the freezer today and just put them in a sealed container until the spring, where I can just put them back into the hive. I wasn't planning on extracting any of this because none of my frames had fully capped honey from top to bottom.

Does this sound like I'm on the right track? I have a good container that I can keep these frames in until next Spring. I'd like some feedback if you care to give me any. The bees have been doing great over the Summer and Fall. Tons to eat around here, apparently.

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