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Larvae and Brood in burr comb

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Larvae and Brood in burr comb

I'm new to beekeeping – I installed my first nuc in June of this year. I live in an agricultural region in Canada on a few acres, so they've really taken off. I was doing weekly inspections and when the first super was 80% full I added a second super. I got busy and wasn't able to do an inspection for 2.5 weeks after adding the second super. They've drawn out a number of frames in the top super. There was some eggs and brood mixed with capped honey, so I know the queen is in there (I've had issues locating her).

Here's my concern: when I was removing frames I broke some burr comb between the supers. There was a number of larger white larvae exposed. Initially I was worried that these we're queen cells/larvae, but after doing some reading I'm thinking they're drones? Am I right in thinking this?

I ended up getting a bit flustered and closed up the hive without further investigation. Should I go back in and clean it out?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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