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Landscaper/Contractor Best Practices

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Landscaper/Contractor Best Practices

Hello! I'm new to the community as I got my first hive about a month ago. The hive is in the corner of my somewhat small backyard (50ft x 50ft). While this is a perfect distance for us, I have some concerns about contractors including landscapers. The hive is close to grass that needs to be mowed (<2 ft), on top of pinestraw that needs to be replaced/weeded, and next to a privacy fence that needs vines cut off of it. I am planning to hire someone for these jobs but are worried that the bees might get irritated with them around the hive. I realize that I can just suit up and handle these things, but my preference is to find a solution that still allows me to hire the jobs out some of the time. Would love to hear how other backyard beekeepers deal with this situation.

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