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keeping bees in a city center?

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keeping bees in a city center?

never kept bees before, always been interested in having a apiary (or 10).

i’m sure a lot of this has to do with local regulations, but i’m curious from a more human standpoint, regardless of legality.

is it an asshole move to keep bees in a backyard of an urban neighborhood with a lot of homes?

i have a small but nice & very secluded, yard that is far back from the street. it is surrounded on all sides by other peoples yards and the backs of a couple garages, and is ringed by trees. it is very private. but of course bees fly around and don’t have a comprehension of property lines.

a lot of us in the area grow pollinators and vegetables and whatnot. there are community gardens on the block and there are personal gardens all over the place.

i’m wondering if it would be a dick move to establish a small colony back here? assuming it’s legal for me to do so, how much should i be considering my neighbors?

i did a quick google maps view and there are 22 buildings within a small radius around my house, not even counting the other side of the street or down the block a bit. most of these buildings were originally single family homes but are now multiple flats.

so this is very much not a suburb with space. i just so happened to luck out into a rental with a weird footprint and a decent amount of greenspace relative to the block.

also for the bees too, would this just be bad for them?

thanks for your insight.

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