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Just installed two packages. Bees on the ground?

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Just installed two packages. Bees on the ground?

Obligatory sorry for the noob question and phone formatting. I'm in FL and just installed two packages from mountain sweet honey yesterday. The first package went well but I'm wondering if something's wrong with the other. At first there were a ton of bees on the front of the hive and I figured it was bearding from the heat but I was concerned since the other hive wasn't doing it.

This morning I see that a lot of the bees are running down the metal leg of the stand and a bunch are just on the ground. Is it possible that they're preparing to abscond?

Update: Just a few minutes ago i went outside and now its seems like there are a ton of bees in the air (up until this point its been relatively chill). I cant see exactly cuz i havent left my screened patio yet but it looks like some are gathering in a nearby tree. i still see a bunch near the hive and on the front of it. no longer on the ground though.

Image of them on the ground: https://ibb.co/gztNCgj

Image of them in the tree: https://ibb.co/44w02hD

Not a lot are flying around anymore. still see some going in and out of the hive though. gonna open it in about an hour for sugar wter change.

UPDATE: Ok so i went outside all suited up and first order of business was to give the "good" hive more sugar water. opened up the top cover, billion bees inside, sugar water was almost depleted. looked great.

now for the "bad" hive. opened it up, barely any bees inside. opened up the inner cover, saw a group of bees all over the queen cage which i had wedged between two frames. took a look at the queen cage and as far as i could tell, she WAS in there (there were a couple bees in there but one was signifcantly bigger). so i set her cage on top of the other frames and took out three frames.

I went over to the tree with a cardboard box at the suggestion of one of the commenters and just gave the branch a good shake. it was a thick branch so didnt want to cut it off completely. but that also made it kinda hard to shake. either way i got like 10 million in the box and quickly brought them over to the hive and dumped them in. put on the inner cover and put some fresh sugar water out. left the box for a few minutes to let them fly out then went back to the tree and tried to get another shake or two in the box.

in the end theres still some in the tree but it looks like theres significant activity near the hive now. i didnt put a queen excluder on the bottom since it looks like shes still in the cage. gonna monitor and see what happens. any suggestions are welcome.

Another update. I don't see a "clump"of bees on the branch anymore although some are flying around the tree. Looks like a decent amount are around the hive entrance. Gonna keep an eye out. Getting late here and starting to drizzle

Final update for now: looks like essentially zero bees in the tree now. Decent amount are at the front of the hive (but not like 8 million of them like it was last night). Looks pretty normal now so I'm just gonna keep an eye out and see what happens. Thank you every one for the help. Sorry to be a scrambling unprepared newbie.

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