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Just got a yard, how can I help the bees?

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Just got a yard, how can I help the bees?

Hello! I have a big new yard that I’m excited to make as wildlife friendly as I can. I have placed a lot of flowering plants and wildflowers throughout the yard. I’ve also let native wildflower “weeds” stay out while they are in bloom.

Is there more I can do for the bees? Other plants? Buy a simple bee house? I’d love to have a real hive one day and collect honey but am not quite there yet.

I noticed some types of lightbulbs and flood lights make them confused at night and some have died from hitting the glass repeatedly. What should I change them to in order to have outdoor, bee-friendly lights at night?

I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. Any advice, website links, books, help, info, corrections, constructive criticism etc are welcome! Thanks!

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