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Just bought my bees

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Just bought my bees

Been researching and learning on my own for the past 6-7 months. Went and saw and met with a local beekeeper and he showed me around his hives back in July. Will be taking a 10 hour class (2 days a week for 3 week) in January with the local county beekeeping association. They just notified the class that Nucs were available to purchase. Ended up ordering 4x Nucs. 2x Itialian, 2x Carnolian.

They said Itialian will be ready for us in early/mid-april. The carnolian will be ready in mid-May.

They did offer the Carolian early april with the Italian, but like they said it would be a “mature queen, 6+ months old” whereas the mid-May Carnolian would be just mated.

Really excited to start this process!

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