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I’ve just massacred hundreds if not thousands of my bees. I’m so upset.

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I’ve just massacred hundreds if not thousands of my bees. I’m so upset.

I'm new to bee keeping this year and I only have one hive, I think I may have just killed it.

I started beekeeping in March as a lockdown hobby in Scotland. I got a flow hive and assembled it. A few weeks later I found a Nuc of bees with a queen to put in it. I placed the hive at the top of my garden where my father used to keep bees 20 years ago. Everything was going well and I was/ am a very attentive bee keeper. I read exhaustively on the subject and have done my best to be a conscientious and pro active beekeeper. As my colony was doing very well by mid June I decided to put on the super on the off chance that I might get some honey this year. Because I'm in Scotland where it is cold and damp this unfortunately did not work. There was a terrible problem with condensation in the flow hive super and literally nothing I did could make it better. I even build a custom quilting box to help with condensation and evaporation but the super remained bull of water and bereft of bees.

One of the things that had been bothering me is the placement of the hive. It was north facing and tucked behind a wall so that it was basically never in full sunlight. I suspected this was one of the reasons that the super was always full of condensation. so a couple of weeks ago I decided to move my hive to a much better spot in the garden. I waited until this evening and placed an entrance blocker on the hive. I have read exhaustively about how to move a hive a short distance but more than 3 feet and was going to attempt that manoeuvre. I set up the new area and got everything ready. I picked up my hive which was just a brood box and a base. I took two steps before realising that it was far too heavy for me and so I attempted to put it down, the base then fell off and onto its side and so instead to having a totally trapped hive I had a totally open bottom and nowhere to put the box down. It was so heavy I was forced to put the box down in the long wet grass. I ran to get a whealbarrow and a large board of wood so I could but the hive down on a flat surface and retrap the bees but the entrance blocker I had put on prevented me from putting the hive flat. During the weelbarrow move hundreds if not thousands of my girls crawled out of the hive. I was so distraught that I didn't even think to abandon the move and I ploughed on. I finally got them to the new location and lifted the poor girls back onto the base. The crunch of bees as I placed the brood box back on the base will be with me till my dying day. Hundreds of them are still outside the hive dying alone in the dark and its all my fault. I don't think the colony, my only colony, will survive my clumsiness and stupidity this evening. I'm so upset. This could all have been avoided if i had thought to secure the base of the hive to the broodbox and roof with a couple of tie down straps. What have I done?

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