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Is This a Bee Hive?

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Is This a Bee Hive?

I was raking up some mulch from a big flower bed earlier. Some of it, against a wall, was clumped together, so I hit it hard with the rake and flipped the clump over, and on the bottom was a hive. Angry buzzing creatures immediately started flying around. I had never been stung before, but my dad was allergic to bees, so I've always been very paranoid around bees. I immediately ran away freaking out. Several buzzing creatures persistently followed me. Much flailing and darting around ensued. I did end up getting stung 3 or 4 times (unclear if one area is one or two stings), but I can still breathe, so apparently I'm not SEVERELY allergic, though the stings are painful, red and swollen.

I was able to take a picture of the hive (that I think I broke in half) from a distance, but not any of the bees". I did stare at a couple that were on my shirt for a minute or two while waiting for my wife to find a way to remove them, but I didn't get a picture. And they are too angry to get close enough to take a picture now. I guess I'm not CERTAIN they were bees. They were pretty small, yellow, and black. I think more yellow than black.

Based on the picture of the hive, can anyone tell if these are bees or wasps (or other I suppose), and what kind?

Also, assuming these ARE bees, is there a way to get them removed that won't kill them? We do try to avoid killing bees/pollinators.


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