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Is my honey safe to eat?

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Is my honey safe to eat?

Hey all! Thank you in advance to anyone who reads all the way through. I’m going to try and figure out how to upload photos as well.

Some context: I am a first year beekeeper in northern Vermont. Had a healthy enough hive throughout the spring,summer,and fall. Unfortunately, my hive died. Personally, I believe it was due to some early cold snaps, and me not wrapping them early enough. I closed them up basically as soon as they were done taking syrup. Lots of dead bees around the entrance for a while, and then the entire bottom board was just a layer of dead,frozen bees when I did get in there to take the hive apart/try to salvage something from it.

There was a muskier odor than usual as well as some spots throughout the frames of powdery blue/white mold and some blackened spots on the wood. Most of the mold seemed to be coming from/around dead bees. I also saw some vorroa mites attached to dead bees. I did not treat or test this year.

I spun out maybe 6-8 frames of predominantly capped honey, but cannot be sure there was no pollen, nectar, or uncapped honey getting spun as well.

Should I be worried? If so, what about? No one has eaten any of the honey yet, but I’d like to know if it’s safe. Is there any way to test it? Do I need to throw any equipment out? Clean it before using it again? Can I use the wax?

Any and all information/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

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