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Is my Hive okay?

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Is my Hive okay?

New beekeeper here. Got 2 hives last year. Had multiple swarms because they would never build comb on the black plastic frames of the deep that came with my Hoover Hive. Ultimately went into winter with one Hive. They did well and seemed to be ok this spring.

Went to the backyard about 2 weeks ago and there was a swarm noticed at dusk on the house ( I was actually coming back from feeding the hive).

Collected and put in one of those cardboard nuc hives. Not sure if it was a random swarm (probably not) or my hive swarming again (probably). Hive pictures

Checked on main hive today and there are still about 3.5 frames of that black plastic they haven’t built on but are not starting to build with some fresh white comb.

I couldn’t find the queen. Didn’t see any eggs but I’m not good at that either. I’ve attached some pictures. Is there anything I need to be doing other than feeding right now?

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