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Is it worth it to buy preassembled frames?

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Is it worth it to buy preassembled frames?

When I say preassembled, I don't mean just the frame itself but also the foundation and wiring. They're a good bit more expensive than the unassembled frames but there was a presentation about assembling frames in bee school and it seemed a lot more complicated and delicate than building boxes.

I need to get 40 deep frames and 40 medium frames. I only need 20 frames to be assembled at first because I'm starting with a deep box for each hive and adding other boxes later. This would allow me to space out the building of frames over a few weeks/months depending on how fast the bees fill out their boxes.

Given what I've said above, would it be worth spending extra money to get preassembled frames or should I just bite the bullet and assemble them myself?

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