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Is it too early to split…?

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Is it too early to split…?

TL;DR – As the title says. Backstory below.

Hi Reddit Hivemind,

I'm in SF Bay area and I started with 4 hives last year. I watched 1 hive swarm in July, and another hive was not strong enough to survive last year, even with pollen patty and sugar water. Of the 6 years I've kept bees, last year was unfriendly to my girls.

Now, my girls are quite active. Their populations are already starting to grow quickly as I've been seeing a lot of eggs and brood. Also, their honey stores are rapidly increasing. My beekeeping club will have queens and packages (edit) late April. My thought process is if they don't rear a queen, then I can buy a queen from my bee club.

Is it too early to do so?

Just a thought after I wrote this. Would it be easier if I buy a queen, and then try to do a split with the newly purchased queen?

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