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Is it possible for honeycomb to be dry?

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Is it possible for honeycomb to be dry?

My parents live on a farm and have had three swarms basically living in the pockets between the walls of their house. We recently paid a honey shop/beekeeper to come and relocate them to boxes because they've become aggressive and my mom and I are both allergic. He told us he removed 50kgs of honeycomb from inside the walls but that all the honeycomb is dry.

Call my a cynic but these bees are SURROUNDED by flowers (my mom is an avid gardener and there are always flowers) and they constantly have water nearby because the hives are close to the dogs' water bucket (which is never empty) and a well that my parents use to pump water into the house.

So I ask: is it possible for honeycomb from three hives to be dry or is this beekeeper trying to pull a fast one? If it is, why would it be dry?

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