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Indiana Beekeeping Questions

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Indiana Beekeeping Questions

This is my second year into beekeeping. The first year I established two hives, I live downtown Indianapolis and my hives are in southern Indiana (about 1:30 drive). I get down pretty regularly, but I missed out on two swarms, one from each hive.

This was roughly about 6 to 8 weeks ago. Afterwards I saw a high drone population, which is pretty common. From what I understand. And I have honey supers on both, with 2 brood boxes on each. At this point, neither hive has taken to the Honey Supers.

My questions are, after a hive chooses to swarm, what sort of timeframe should I expect them to have to recover? Additionally, what's a good way to help them? I added a feeder to both hives with some booster to help.

Any recommendations?

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