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Incorporating deep frames and a medium nuc

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Incorporating deep frames and a medium nuc

I'm going into my second year here in southeast PA, and have a minor conundrum…

Long story short, I started beekeeping last year; things went well for through spring and summer, but in late fall I didn't catch on to a varroa problem fast enough and lost the colony, leaving me with about 18 fully-drawn deep frames with lots of capped honey (treated w/ oxalic) and pollen, which has been sitting in my deep freeze all winter and spring, waiting for new bees that can make use of it.

I'm picking up a nuc tomorrow, but it's on mediums, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to make use of the deep frames. Since I did find it a pain to get into the lower deep last year, I had already been thinking of trying to go with a single deep w/ multiple mediums on top, so that's where I'd like to end up.

I've been assuming that the best approach is to install the nuc into a single medium box and then when it fills up and needs more room to add in one of the deeps (pre-populated w/ the good stuff) underneath, but could I also just start out installing into a medium above the deep? Or install the medium frames from the nuc into the deep box, then add a medium box and move the frames up when they're ready to expand? My gut sense is that starting with the medium over the deep would be rolling out a welcome mat for hive beetles and/or robbing since they wouldn't be prepared to defend that much space, and that mediums in the deep box would result in a mess of unframed comb, but I figured it's worth asking!

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