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I‘m vegan but want to beekeep … 5 questions!

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I‘m vegan but want to beekeep … 5 questions!

Hi there!

I’m not here to fight!! I absolutely love bees and want to be a beekeeper. However, I‘m also vegan… thus I have a few questions I‘d like to ask about beekeeping to see if it really fits with my morals or not. 😘🐝

  1. Is it necessary to kill the queen when she gets too old? And do most beekeepers really do this?

  2. Can I leave enough honey for the bees so that I‘m not stealing all their hard work?

  3. Do bees in nature also continually work, or do they stop when they make enough honey? Are beekeeper‘s bees only working year round due to their honey being stolen?

  4. Do the bees eventually grow fond of you?

  5. Does smoking the bees kill them? Is there any other alternative if so?

Thanks so much!

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