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I’m a new beekeeper, and I rescued a mismanaged hive.

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I’m a new beekeeper, and I rescued a mismanaged hive.

Hello Everyone, (First Reddit Post)

I live near Fort Smith, Arkansas, and my beekeeping experience is very basic. When I was a teenager, I observed my parents maintain 1-2 hives depending on the year.

Now to my current situation; I mentioned to my friend I wanted to get into beekeeping this spring, and he quickly told me his father has a hive that he wants to get rid of since he is getting older and is unable to keep up with it. I have come to find out this hive has not been managed for a year or two, and he has no idea what the situation is inside the hive. I moved it to my place yesterday, and I am hoping to open it this weekend to investigate further. The bees are very active this morning and appear to be orienting and adjusting well. I believe the hive has two brood chambers and a super. I cannot see a queen excluder, and the previous keeper said he couldn't remember if he has one installed.

My questions are:

1-If I have no queen excluder, what should I do with the hive?

2-The bottom is a screen(see attached picture), but when we sealed the entrance bees were escaping from the bottom until we moved the hive onto the trailer. I know this is not normal, should I replace the bottom board with a solid board? Or what other suggestions do you have?

3-I will be inspecting for pests, but should I add strips for mites when I am inside? Any other treatments I should consider for moths, mites, or ants?

I appreciate any advice you can provide, I am excited to learn more and hopefully start managing this hive properly! Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to see more pictures.


The Bees new location on my property.

Current situation under the hive. Is this normal?

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