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I think I did ok at my first packages installations 🥴😅

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I think I did ok at my first packages installations 🥴😅

Installed two packages today. The first was pretty simple. The second, well…our relationship is off to a more rocky start.

  1. Installed the package pretty easily, no issues. They’ve been installed now for about 8 hours.No problems. They have settled down and all looks well.

  2. My other package however, I struggled to get the syrup can out of the package, like COULD NOT get it out of the package box. I got a little rough with it, punctured the syrup can so syrup dripped down into the box, a pretty good amount. Dropped the queen cage in the middle of the open package so I dumped everything out including the queen cage on top of the frames in the brood box. Put everything together, installed the queen on a frame as usual, closed everything up and walked away. Came back a few hours later and still have a good amount of live bees just hanging out in the package box cause i’m sure there is quite a bit of syrup still in there. I dumped most of them on top of the closed hive, walked away and i’m hoping for the best.

I feel like I just had two first dates. One went really well and one was pretty rocky, I pissed her off and she won’t talk to me!

I’ve gone back to look at both top feeders and bees have found them and are eating/drinking as they should be.

Planning on going back in both hives in 3 days to check on the Queens. This sound right? Will I have one nice take home to your mother hive and one badass will fight and call the cops on you every time she gets drunk hive? jk

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