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I seem to have a hive forming in the garden.

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I seem to have a hive forming in the garden.

Hello! sorry if this isn't allowed here, but in my boyfriend's nans garden there is a big hive forming in a bush with thousands of bees! there is also a hive about the size of a dinner plate, maybe larger I couldn't get a good enough look.

I've seen videos in the past of people who are beekeepers coming to properties to rehome the bees! and thought id sees if this was a common thing.

I'm situated in England just north of Liverpool. if this is possible then I will talk to my boyfriend's nan about this and see if that's something they're okay with 🙂 (which I'm sure it will be!)

I will try to get photos by the end of the day and post them if possible! I just don't like getting too close!

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