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I need more experienced help pleasd

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I need more experienced help pleasd

Will it hurt or hinder my bees progress if I move all the frames from one box to another? My OCD is no allowing me to put a clear coated cypress box on a painted pine box. My bees were mail order and they arrived on May 5th. Ive been steadily feeding them and they've built out 8 of 9 frames. My current situation is that I have two different swarms of bees, (one bought online, one bought locally) currently in 10 frame deep brood boxes (both painted) that are ready to have a box added to each. What im wanting to do, if it wont hurt their progress, is take all the full frames out of one of the painted boxes and put them in my cypress box then add a matching box above it, then put the painted box that I just emptied and add it to the top of the other hive, that is also painted. I know it sounds dumb and it is a lot of unnecessary work, but OCD sucks!! Ha!

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