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I Need Help and Advice…A Lot of Advice

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I Need Help and Advice…A Lot of Advice

So I am completely new to Bee keeping. In fact I don't even have any bees yet. I am really intrigued by the thought of one day running a bee farm and harvesting honey. I don't have any equipment or bees yet, but I am trying to do plenty of research before I commit lots of dollars. I need some help getting started. Here is a list of items that I figure I'll need: Suit, Hive, Brush, Hive Tool, maybe a Super, Queen Excluder(I've heard controversy on Queen Excluder), Frame Pliers, and a feeder. Then of course the Honey Bees themselves.

Here's some questions I have: Do I need anything else? Is anything I listed not needed to start off with? What time of year is best to get bees? Should I start with a package of bees or a Nucleus? Is there any additional advice you could give a newbie?

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