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I have to stop this amazing hobby

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I have to stop this amazing hobby

I haven’t been keeping bees for long. I’ve found it absolutely fascinating. As everyone does, I’ve gotten some stings. They’ve gotten progressively worse, as in my reaction to them. Most recently, I got a sting that seemed normal enough. Then I woke up a week later with half of my face swollen and one eye swollen shut and black. My doctor says I am developing a dangerous allergy. She says it is in my best interest to stop beekeeping.

I love beekeeping. It’s not about the honey. I love watching the young grow up. I love how the hive works as a cohesive unit. I love teaching people about bees, how to read them. I love walking up to a mad feeding station and being among them. It’s amazing to show people that, like most animals, bees don’t attack if they don’t feel threatened. They don’t need to be feared.

But I understand if I get another sting or two, it will keep getting worse, and that could be it.

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