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I have some questions about beekeeping/apiaries on golf courses.

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I have some questions about beekeeping/apiaries on golf courses.

Hey, I have a few questions for the community (i'm a long time redditor myself), but I'm really not at all knowledgeable about beekeeping at all.

I'm trying to do some writing about golf, and I want to take the issues I look at quite seriously. I recently listened to the lecture from the National Links Trust about beekeeping and golf being potentially well suited to each other. I know of a few course that actively maintain hives, The Belfry, Cantigny Golf, among others. My questions are:

  • Is a golf course suited to an apiary, or is it just sort of irrelevant? That is, are there specific benefits/detriments to housing bees on a golf course with regards to low density of human/acre, vast green space, etc.

  • Are there specific pesticides/herbicides used with turf grasses that are an active concern to the bees right now? I'm sure there are, but again, I'm fairly unaware.

  • Are there an resources you know of that might help me on this topic?

Basically… given that they already exist, is adding apiaries to golf courses a net benefit to the community, or is the push for this mere green-washing. I tend to be highly skeptical ever since I learned of a separate, unrelated, audubon society that has been issuing bird sanctuary awards to courses.

Anyway, thank for your time, and I'm open to any advice. I'm located in the bay area per the posting rules, but location is fairly irrelevant considering the scope.

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