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I have been adopted by a bee, how do I make him happy…

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I have been adopted by a bee, how do I make him happy…

OK, this is possibly a weird question but I'll tell you the story.

On Saturday I was walking home from an appointment and spotted my little bee friend on the pavement. He was kind of pottering around but slowly, so I stopped and held my hand out to see if he would fly away. He didn't, he just hopped right up on my hand and sat on my fingertips like he was going "onward, stead".

So I carried him all the way home, and dropped him off on my hyssops. He had a little poke around with his tongue then held his arms?legs? up like, "taxi!" so I held my hand back, he hopped on again and I took him to the next sprig of hyssop. He enjoyed every bit of hyssop and lavendar I have in my garden (unfortunately the bee favourite hebe had just finished flowering so he missed out on that).

To make sure he fully got some sustenance, I mixed sugar and water and put that in the pot of one of the flowers on a spoon and after about 30minutes of gentle prodding and poking he finally got off my hand and went on the pot. He had a bit of a lick of the sugar (such long tongue!) and then fell asleep.

About a half hour later he was suddenly running along the garden full speed trying but failing to fly. I figured he was too heavy so I helped him over to an area in the sun, put the flowers there and a little bug hotel I have and left him there for the evening.

The next morning, I looked out and he was sat on a stone next to the bug hotel but it was significantly colder and I'd been reading about how if they get to a low temperature they can't fly. He hopped back onto my hand again and seemed to go back to sleep again. While he napped, I onehandedly set up a tupperware box with some tissue paper, another lid of sugar water and crafted a lid out of some cross stitching aida and hairbobbles so that the cats wouldn't eat him. I put him inside this and then put it under my crafting lamp. Every half hour or so I herad him buzzing but he didn't fly (it's a tall tupperware jar so plenty of sace for him to headupwards). After a few hours under the lamp he was still failing to fly but seemed distressed thathe couldn't climb the sides, so I took it outside again, but a stick in that he could climb up and left him again. He shot up the stick, up the fence and promptly fell back to the ground as he attempted a flight.

I think he was embarrassed by his failure as he ran off under the fence and I thought that was the last I'd see of him. He was absent all day yesterday, despite looking.

This morning, I spotted him toddling along the grass. I went out to say hi and he was soaking wet poor fellow, so I scooped him up and brought him back inside. He's currently in an amazon box with a couple of sticks, a very small bird house, a toilet roll and the lid of sugar water again but my cats keep trying to get him.

I think hes adopted me, and I'm fairly certain he can't fly, despite his wings seeming to work when he tests them.

Any advice on a good setup to help him see out his days in relative warmth and safety? He doesn't look to have any injuries and seems very handsome. I just want him to be happy.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Here are some photos:

Bee friend



And if you wanna see the story unfold, my instagram is @carryfiasco and if you skipp through my "Home" story, his story is on there.

TLDR: How do I keep a flightless bee that wants to live with me and my cats happy?

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